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Christian Concerns Ministry at First United Lutheran Church - Kennesaw, Georgia

"Christ's Love Alive and At Work In Our World"
Ministry Chairperson: Ginger Peterson

Christian Concerns is the volunteerism and outreach ministry in our First United community. It is for those who enjoy evangelizing through their deeds by helping other people in God's name.

Like FULC as a whole, Christian Concerns is energized by the empowerment philosophy that is a part of small group ministries, where everyone serves the Lord in their own way. In Christian Concerns we each are passionate about a different way to help others, and we all work together to make each service event or initiative successful.

We sponsor many initiatives each year, and when a new participant with a new passion arrives, we embrace it! Christian Concerns meets the second Monday of each month, at 7:15 p.m., at First United Lutheran Church.

We thank the Holy Spirit for working within us to help making these initiatives successful and we welcome others in the First United membership and in the community at large to come join us. We have fun!

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