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Christian Appalachian Project (CAP)

Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) (Champion: Mike Seden). CAP is a non-denominational Christian organization that offers hope and help to people in Appalachia. We work in housing in eastern Kentucky, where we repair, remodel, or build homes for people not able to afford or do the repairs or changes to their property. Labor is supplied by volunteers and college students from numerous schools a week at a time during their spring break. It is a wonderful experience that not only helps the poor and provides and enriching experience but also teaches young adults about the satisfaction of giving of their time and talents. If you have a desire to help, contact the church office.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief (Champion: Ron Emberg). Whenever disaster strikes, we are ready to help by sending workers and supplies to the stricken community. We also participate in the ELCA Southeastern Synod disaster preparedness initiative.

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