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Feed My Sheep

God's Global Barnyard (Champion: Frank and Linda Hull). Feed My Sheep, now administered under ELCA's Global Barnyard, is an initiative completed during Lent. At the beginning of Lent, members are requested to beginning saving to fund livestock for impoverished nations. Donations are then accepted on Palm Sunday.

Guatemalan Mission Project

Guatemala Mission (Champion: Lois Gilbert).First United is very active in the encouragement and support of our Companion Synod, la Igelsia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala (the Augustinian Lutheran Church of Guatemala, ILAG). Our congregation provides encouragement and support by providing short-term mission trips to Guatemala for both youth and adults. The trips generally last from five to ten days and involve an immersion into the lives and culture of the indigenous peoples of Guatemala.

As opportunities avail themselves, First United hosts visitors from ILAG and other churches throughout the world. Additionally, several members of First United serve on the Global Mission Committee of the Southeastern Synod whose task is to promote relationships with the five companion synods with whom we relate. These include: Guatemala, Singapore, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and the Augsburg Synod of Bavaria.

Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Relief. Because Christian Concerns is the volunteer ministry for First United, we are the focal point for all work done by Lutheran World Relief in which First United plays a role.

Baraka Womens' Centre (Kenya)

The Baraka Women's Centre (Kenya) (Champion: Ginger Peterson). The Baraka Women's Centre is in the Kibera Slum at Nairobi, Kenya. It is a place where literally thousands of families live without the barest essentials of water and food. Women in the area often care for many children who are not their own. The ladies currently work out of the Raila Education Center (a local school) sponsored by First Love International. The Baraka Women's Centre seeks to teach these women marketable skills so that they may be able to raise themselves and the children who depend on them from poverty. These energetic moms are making greeting cards, sewing aprons and tote bags, selling ground maize flour, and learning new skills to better themselves and help sustain their families. Christian Concerns sponsors giving throughout the year to the Centre but also conducts one major annual fundraising event and dinner. We also sponsor annual mission trips to the Baraka Women's Centre. We work to raise awareness and resources to further projects in Kenya, and we provide financial support for ELCA missionary Julia Leiyoole and her work in Kenya. Please contact Ginger Peterson to get involved or learn more. Also, check out the websites at http://www.firstloveinternational.org and http://www.barakawomenscenter.com/.

If you wish to doante to the Baraka Women's Center, there is a donate button on their web site or you can click here.

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