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Thank you for your interest in First United Lutheran Church (FULC) and the possibility of membership! FULC has many ministries and opportunities for all ages and yet maintains a friendly, family-like atmosphere of support and encouragement for all. We hope you will visit and please do consider joining us for one of our upcoming interest meetings. If you are interested in attending either an interest meeting or membership class please contact the church office @ 770.427.0325. Also, please know that if the meeting or class times do not work with your schedule, we will work with you to make other arrangements.

In Christ,
Pastor Tony

Membership Classes
In the fall and spring we offer membership classes. Membership classes are about meeting more people and making deeper connections. These classes focus around the seven faith practices of discipleship. It also provides a time for potential new members to get to know other members and ministry leaders in the church. The leaders will show how they are using their gifts by giving more details about the ministries and programs they oversee.

New Member Sundays
On New Member Sundays we formally welcome new members into the congregation as a part of our worship services. We invite new members to attend either our contemporary or traditional service, their preference. At each service we invite our new members forward and induct them with our prayers and blessings as brothers and sisters in Christ in our faith community here at First United Lutheran Church. Also, we have a potluck brunch between worship services where our new members are our special guests and have the opportunity to meet our other members and be welcomed.

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