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Thank you for visiting us at fulc.org!

We invite you to come and see us in person. All are welcome anytime. You can expect to meet people who believe in the love and forgiveness of Jesus. You can expect to meet imperfect people who do not expect you to be perfect. We come here to experience God's grace together.

First United Lutheran Church is a community of faith both welcoming and inclusive. We are a family called to worship, serve, and learn together as we grow disciples of Jesus Christ for God's mission of love for the world. Our people are centered in worship where each week we are refreshed by music, prayer, scriptures, and the Holy Sacraments. We are servants dedicated to making a real difference in people's lives through mission opportunities throughout the year and throughout the world. As learners, we come together in Bible study, discipleship classes, and experiences where our faith is deepened and shared with others.

Here we find meaning. Here we find belonging. Here there is a place for you too!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Dr. Anthony Prinsen, Pastor
First United Lutheran Church


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First United Lutheran Church established 1975