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Care and Share

What is Care & Share?

Care & Share is exactly what it says:

We care for each other. We share our time with someone who is in need.

There are so many of us who are transplants from another city or state who haven't the luxury of relatives living close by to help in an emergency. That is when you really need to count on your church family.

For instance: If one of our members becomes hospitalized, we need to be there to help their spouse get to the hospital for visitation, or make a meal for the family, or run some errands if necessary. We can always use volunteers to prepare food and/or help serve food at funeral luncheons - or just be there as a friend to talk. For those who don't get around well, we need someone who can make phone calls to new members about joining Care & Share or to follow-up on someone who has been ill. This is a ministry that does not require a great deal of your time.

What are your spiritual gifts? Do you have the gift of Mercy, Serving, Pastor/Shepherd, Giving?

Care & Share accepts any and all spiritually gifted people which would be EVERYONE! Contact Sharon Moe through the church secretary at 770-427-0325 or email firstlutheran@bellsouth.net for more info.

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