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Prayer Ministries

We have several opportunities for you to learn more about prayer, bless the lives of others in intercession for them, and enrich your own spiritual life with the power of prayer:

    Members of the congregation will send their prayer requests to the leader of the prayer chain via email, phone or prayer card. He/She will then forward the request to all members via email. You agree as a member of the prayer chain to pray for the request upon receiving it, Some people also keep a log or file of requests for ongoing offerings of prayer. A phone prayer chain is available to those members who do not have email.
  2. Prayer group - this is a small group open to all members that meets twice a month. We grow deeper in our prayer life together and pray as a group for all of the requests on the FULC prayer chain.
    This is a group committed to the power of focused prayer and will pray for those who are having surgeries or other medical procedures as much as possible during the time of the procedure.

If you are seeking a closer relationship with God and desire to strengthen your prayer life, plan to become a part of one of the Prayer ministries at First United! Contact Marty Stahlman for more information.

For more ELCA prayer resources, see http://www.elca.org/

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