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Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)

TEENS ENCOUNTER CHRIST (TEC) ( http://www.piotec.org/  )
TEC is a three-day weekend experience for young adults age 15 and up and/or a rising sophomore. The weekend is led by lay persons, both adults and young adults, and Lutheran clergy.

It's broad objective is to enable youth, at a time when they are making life decisions, to encounter the presence of Christ in their lives and commit themselves to a life under Him.

The TEC weekend consists of a Christian community of adults and youth. Each person attending this weekend is drawn into the community through prayer, sharing, and formal and informal worship (including Holy Communion and Affirmation of Baptism).

Each individual is guided, at their own level and pace, in a non-threatening environment in which they are respected as a complete and individual person.

Each of the three days on the TEC weekend will have their own focus. The first day is Die Day, which focuses on Christ dying for our sins. The second day, Rise Day, focuses on Christ rising from the dead and, thus, giving us new life. The last day, Go Day, enables us to make use of what we've learned when we go back into the community.

TEC is open to all persons of all Christian denominations.

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